Posted by Slodds on Dec 3, 2012
How to Lower Weapons in Halo 4

How to Lower Weapons in Halo 4

This is a great button combo glitch if you are interested in making videos. Not only that but it is actually extremely easy. I should point out though that this does not work on Xbox Live.

Hold X-A-B and Down on the keypad for a second or two and it will automatically drop your weapon.

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5 Responses to “How to Lower Weapons in Halo 4”

  1. masterchief12441 says:

    awsome I wish that i could get this game and keep it

  2. halo3ruler64 says:

    Does it matter what controls you have? I use Recon so just wondering.

    • Slodds says:

      I use bumper jumper and it worked perfect but im not completely sure about boxer. I think it would still work though.

  3. Epsilon says:

    Does it work in campaign?

  4. を正確に、謎を操作するためのおかげで、それを研究する意志を持っているNTでしたが、実際にどのようなオフ渡されたことをswanedましでした。

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